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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

too funny

first off, yes we pay for support that we are not getting. second, we are still with these assholes cause i have a one year contract with them, and we dont have the time to move everything off the server and onto another one located elsewhere. whats so funny about u assholes, is that u can spend the time making remarks about my complaints, but u wont spend the time to fix my server. For the retards, one more time, my server becomes unreachable 2 -4 times each week with no record in the server logs. the only guess is that its getting blue screens and the assholes at iweb will not investigate the problem unless the server goes down during their normal business hours LOL OMG WTF. now, if u try to define that as good service, you're a complete f**ktard.

Found this on their forum:

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