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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So is for real

Let me remind you that this is how I got scammed:
The other posts I've made are from the web, you may follow the links and read all their stories.

Now, I've received another email from email telling me that their decision is final and this is because my site wasn't built for the shared account (!?) ... ever heard something more stupid then this? Wow, I've just remembered the old times when I was hosting with free hosts and they kept blocking my account just to make me upgrade to paid - they were all affiliates or resellers.
So I suppose this is what is doing. Is banning the shared accounts so you'll upgrade to dedicated, where you probably hope nothing will bother you.
Wrong again, just read all the posts. Their dedicated hosting sucks, too.

I see it now like an ordinary dating scam, where the scammer is asking the victim for more and more money, to come and visit from a distant country :)
They're just asking for money to upgrade and upgrade. Well, not working with me. I got scammed once, fuck them. Not going to take something from them even if it's free, lol. And I mean it.
They told me they gave me some credit because I paid for 10 years hosting and not even half passed. However, I don't know where is that credit. Can't see it in my Cpanel (still have access to it for another 2 days) neither in my customer member area. They're bullshitting me again.
But, like I've said, even if they'll give me those credits I have nothing to do with them cause I'll not buy anything else from them.
Why would I upgrade to dedicated server? Who knows what they'll invoice then to delete my account again and do the same shit. Rent the server again and again then ban users for God knows what reasons. And on dedicated we're talking about big money, not only 200$. Is 70$/month the lowest server they say they'll rent to you.


Anonymous said...

iWeb is a very good company, I am customer with them since more than 3 years. I think you are the scammer !

Scammed by said...

Well, that's because you're a morron, m8. What do I have to gain from telling my story to the world. Maybe you should search and try to understand the meaning of the word scammer.
But anyway, I don't care what anonymous people think. I just want for people to know what happen to me so this won't happen to them.

Anonymous said... is also the same.

Beware with it's fraud and abuse

Iman F said...

hey dude,

I really glad that you made such GREAT weblog to tell people about this issue.

I got scammed too, my story is short.

I have paid them until the last cent and moved out my server to a sweet deal from theplanet, iweb continued to bill me and suspended my server after 1st month not payment. so, they billed me like 6 more month and after that terminated my account.
I contacted them many times to say that I cant pay for something I dont use !!!
they simply ignored !
anyways, now after 1 year and half, I got a mail into my P.O.Box and findout that they sent a debt collector for me !! LOL stupid bastards !!! they thought im stupid and I will pay them since I scare !!
fuck iweb man, keep up the good job, people like me and you and other poor scammer guys like us should fuck them in the ass with no mercy !!
cheers mate!

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Anonymous said...

I was also scammed!
Lets get this back alive. 2 years later and they are still pulling the same scams.

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