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Tuesday, September 23, 2008 - scam company

Beaware of for your hosting needs. On the website it lures you in with 30 days free trial.. well don't even do it for one day. This is what happened to me.1) I inadvertantly pushed submit after I filled out all the credit card information. I said "inadvertantly" because on a separate screen I did a quick goole search and found negative reviews about this host. But I was stupid and push sent by accident. 2) I immediately contacted via phone, left them voice mail and email their and I got a hold of their live support and they promised me that they would get back to me within 24 hours like 7 days ago. Nothing happened.3) I tried again via phone just yesterday and I got someone from the billing department on the phone (with heavy French accent, b/c they are in Quebec Canada). I spoke to this lady and she said yes, I see that you paid us $1504, but I do not know why b/c you don't have an active account (and never had one). So I said, then it is obvious that you should not be keeping that money, please refund it. So she spoke to her manager and then told me that she will need me to fax them my credit card (back and front side) with my driver's license in order for them to refund me. Now at this point, it all came clear to me that they are running a scam. I have dealt with "" and "Big Daddy" and I also have asked for a refund before, but no one would need the later information that they requested, unless they want to steal my identity. So at this point, I asked her if I could speak to her manager. She told me to wait and came back to tell me that her manager has gone out to dinner (while I was holding, I heard them talking in the background). 4) I was so mad that they stone walled me multiple times after 4 email messages and with 2 voice mail and one phone conversations. I have to warn everyone and please tell everyone you know about this and all the webhosting community to stay away from their website looks authentic and it looks like they are running a great business. but in the end, it is just a scam and with the possibility of running an identity theft operation. i was so concerned about my credit card info that they have, I immediately reported it stolen to my credit card company. Don't waste your time and effort like I did and let everyone know about this. I am still disputing the charge that they charged. It is a sickening feeling when one has been cheated.
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Anonymous said...

Did you dispute the charge with your credit card company?

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