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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

iweb nightmare: iweb terrrible / sucks / bad

my experience is that is a bad hosting provider. their response times
are slow, their technitions run untested commands that cause permission
problems. they run updates on stuff that you don't want updated with confirming
that it will not mess anything up. i have gotten hardware upgrades and they put
hardware(disk drive in my case) that was bad from the beginning. i noticed it
was broken when i looked at it for the first time.its a never ending cycle of
fixing something and having them break it. they couldn't even recompile apache
without losing all of my extensions. i asked them to repair my mailbox problems:
they broke horde and chowned my entire public_html folder to the users so i had
a thousand sites down with 500 internal server errors.the list just goes on and
on. i have a complete list of tickets and am putting together the timeline of
communication so people can see it. they suck so bad its amazing. if it wasn't
me who was paying im not sure if i would ever be able to stop laughing. they
make mistakes that no normal novice admin would be stupid enough to do and they
don't even check their work. so they go in like a cowboy and either a) think
they fixed it and send you an email back after 8 hours and its still broken. b)
fixed it but broke something else in the mean time or c) completely ignore you.i
asked for a reinstallation of fedora core 6 and i get an email back saying that
they installed cent os because it was better for cpanel. im glad that they took
it upon themselves to make the executive decision on my hosting account and
livlyhood.and after about 1-2 weeks of going back and forth and back and forth
and back and forth some more you may actually get some where.i have decided to
open a complete website to show their incompetence level because i feel bad for
anyone who decides to use iweb in the future.i have even escalated to management
numerous times and gotten no response ever. i have emailed the billing
department a dozen times and not gotten a response ever.what it comes right down
to is you are making a bad choice if host with iweb.

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