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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

iWEB is a scam for hosting and dedicated server

Beaware of for your hosting or server needs. One you submit for order hard or never get money back, even without signed contract. This is what happened to me.
1) I inadvertantly pushed submit after i filled out all the credit card and user information. I said “inadvertantly” because after 2-3 minutes i receive email wit some strange request: Send Photo-Copy with my credit card and my ID (with Fax)

so i send back message with canceled request. But without my Autorisation iweb get my money from card … very strange! So i spoke with sales manager and then told me that she will need me to fax them my credit card side-by-side with my ID in order for them to refund me. Now at this point, it all came clear to me that they (iWEB) are running a scam.
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Anonymous said...

We had iWeb for 5 months - through the whole time they did not provide complete service. When we found out that they did not provide everything, we asked them to correct it. After a 5 day wait time on a support ticket (ridiculous, they informed us they would fix it. Unfortunately, they did not fix it. We contacted them again - they said it is not their problem. We asked to cancel and get a refund for the month we have not even begun service for and they refused. Contacted Paypal and they helped. Now they are sending emails to us saying that they expect payment for the month we did not even use! STAY AWAY from iWEB! They are VERY rude as well and provide HORRIBLE customer service.

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