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Monday, September 22, 2008

How scammed me

I'll try to be explicit and to the point, so anyone will understand fast how is scamming the webmasters and, hopefully, not to make the same mistake I did and use their services.

So, I've saw their unbelievable offer for the shared hosting: for 10 years all you pay is 1,6$/month. 'What the hell!' ... I was thinking, 200$ is not that much, I pay once and all I do after is relax for 10 years, when I'll have to pay again :) ... it wasn't so.

A month passed with no problem, the month when I could cancel the account and get my money back, obviously. After that, they started to suspend my account. Teh reason was the same every time: you reached 2% of the server's resources and we suspended your account, according to the TOS:
  • Please notice that nobody knows the shared server's specifications
  • And please notice that the Cpanel doesn't show you how much your scripts are taking from CPU, RAM etc.
  • Also, please think a little and answer this: Wouldn't be more corect to just place a .htaccess to block the folder/site/file that's loading the server instead of blocking an entire account?!?

So, this happened 4 times, every month one time. I've deleted 2 scripts, made modifications to other 2 php files, got my account online again.

  • Please be aware that the support doesn't actually exist and many times I was talking like a stupid with the chat bot.
  • Also, many times nobody is supervising the servers, since the chat support dudes told me that the server administrator is not there to re-enable my account, even though I made the changes to the scripts in time (so they'll consume less).

A few days ago, I received an email from them telling me

"This email is to notify you that we are putting an end to the hostingagreement you have subscribed for at iWeb Technologies.The recurring problems caused by your account have been causing issueson the server you are hosted on - even after multiple notifications and suspensions."

And my account got blocked again, this time for good.

  • Please remember that I've paid for ten (10) years and only used half year... obviously, those money are lost for me.

So now I'm looking for a dedicated server to rent. Wtf, it will be mine to load with whatever I want. Of course, not from Iweb. I'm still undecided what company should I choose, maybe you can give any suggestins to me.

Conclusion: this type of web hosting is a very good business. Just find 2000-3000 stupids like me to pay in advance for 10 years, then you're rich. Wtf, you can even start a serious web hosting company, but .. hey... why do this? Probably there'll be another 2000-3000 somewhere else waiting to get scammed by iweb, so lets just continue with this type of scam.

Of course, now it seems suspicious that other companies are ofering the same services but with 5-8 times the price is asking... but the, when I paid fopr those 10 years, I was only thinking about the 'good deal' I made - isn't it ironic?

Anyway, what I'm hoping with this blog is to share my experience to as much as possible webmasters in search of a host. Hopefully, most of them will read what happen to me and will stay away from iweb.

Thank you for reading this!

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Stephen said...

i was just scammed just last night. i had a hard time going through the iweb hub interface and i couldn't figure out how to upload stuff to me server. so i google "iweb technologies scam" and your page came up. after reading through the content i feel sick to the stomach. realizing that they charged me twice for the same subscription makes me want to vomit.

Anonymous said...

Getting tied to a long-term deal, is always a bad move. NBA Players know this, so they have some sort of an "opt-out" clause in the contract somewhere that if things go wrong during the long-term deal, both parties are obliged to severe the contract with an amicable settlement agreed by both.

If there is no "comfortable escape door" somewhere in the long-term deal, it is always best not to get yourself into such contracts in the beginning, no matter how sweet the deal is.

Lastly, since webhosting is a tricky business that may not fit the needs of every single webmaster out there, a one-year contract may seem to be the most cost-effective term to choose, in case things don't turn out nice.

Anonymous said...

That sucks man. I can relate to the "good deal" feelings you got. I'm going through it right now. 10 years of bad support sounds insane after reading all this and some of the other iweb problems online. So now the question becomes... who to use?

rana singh said...

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Anonymous said...

Funny to hear people saying a company is a scam because one just could find the way to upload file to its server or another cannot program a non CPU intensive script on a SHARED hosting solution. At least, if you want to destroy a company's reputation, don't do it by saying you are an mediocre webmaster or programmer, you will not acheive your goal!!! Anyways, i was looking for a review of iWeb, and this one is obviously not reliable. Please stop blamming your incompetency on others and review your definition of scam.

Anonymous said...


This is a chat bot from iWeb.

First of all, let met explain to you what a SHARED hosting is. It's when you actually share a server with more peoples, and like in all society, you must refrain a little your liberty to ensure the other peoples have the right to their own liberty. So, if your website was too heavy for a SHARED server, then why don't you get a dedicated server where you will be able to use as much ressource as you can.

Then, we are not a scamming fraud company. We are building a relation of trust with all of our customers, and I can say for sure that a high percentage of our customers are satisfied with iWeb Technologies.

Having a shared product is like eating fast-food, it's cheap and conveniant but it ain't no surf and turf.

You were suspended four times, that's why we had to ban your hosting. Because when you use too much ressource our other 99,99% of customer are not getting good latency on the server.

Wonder if you'll keep that comment here or just erase it. But I'll come back to check if you want to answer me.

My best regards.
A random chat bot from iWeb Technologies.

Alex from All Acronyms said...

I'm wondering if the phrase "our other 99,99% of customer" mean that some of their servers handle 1000 shared hosting accounts?

Anonymous said...

Why do you participate in sending out SPAM??? Almost every day I get SPAM from you...I have reported it, many times, to, and it does NO GOOD, it still keeps coming.

Alice said...

LOL, check the "random chat bot from iWeb Technologies". There're so many complains about Iweb that they're using an automated bot to answer all of them :) :) :)
And in the end, the bot says:
"I'll come back to check if you want to answer me."
My suggestion to Iweb:
- If you want to build "a relation of trust" with all your customers, then, first of all, specify in the contract SOMETHING ABOUT THE SHARED SERVER; like CPU and memory, as that's probably getting other accounts running slow when someone's eating the resources; also, how many customers share it - yes, is not so important since some might have hundreds of scripts installed, but is still good to know. Secondly, kindly specify to the customer what script is doing this and (you probably haven't read the blog, but, hey, you're just a "random bot" :)) block only that, don't bring down all the domains of one's account. And, third and also very important for your relationship with the customers: give the customer a week to move from while, while you move the content to a smaller but dedicated server, or a virtual server, I'm sure you have something free for a week.
These are 3 point a profesional company would do, not block accounts and make the customer lose their money... ever though about that?!? But, again, that's the profesional way, not the Iweb way, unfortunatelly.

kinjal said...

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Anonymous said...

Just signed up for Colocation, $82.50 CAD and after I paid that they stated they changed the price so it will be $15 CAD more.

Paid with American Express so it should be easy to get my money back. Did bother to even send my server and canceled the agreement before it got off the ground or signed any contract.

I love the part when you question what they are doing, they quickly fall back on; "but I don't understand." Yeah right.

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Anonymous said...

yes, iweb hosting has some big issues. I tried to stay local by purchasing a server from them, but have only paid and the sever has not worked they sold the company recently after getting millions of dollars from the Canadian and quebec gouvernments to expand and then they sell the company to there friends. Iweb hosting is a Big Scam by quebecs french elite

Anonymous said...

you are right i have a smarter dedicated server he say raid hard disk but my all data is corrupted ..and when i am join the chat he says we give you lost data within 2 days ....?????? but he not give me data yet this time now i am purchase new server ....

lover class service....

Hosting companies said...

Wow!I really loved reading your story. It was very well written and simple to understand.

mohamed faizel said...

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