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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So is for real

Let me remind you that this is how I got scammed:
The other posts I've made are from the web, you may follow the links and read all their stories.

Now, I've received another email from email telling me that their decision is final and this is because my site wasn't built for the shared account (!?) ... ever heard something more stupid then this? Wow, I've just remembered the old times when I was hosting with free hosts and they kept blocking my account just to make me upgrade to paid - they were all affiliates or resellers.
So I suppose this is what is doing. Is banning the shared accounts so you'll upgrade to dedicated, where you probably hope nothing will bother you.
Wrong again, just read all the posts. Their dedicated hosting sucks, too.

I see it now like an ordinary dating scam, where the scammer is asking the victim for more and more money, to come and visit from a distant country :)
They're just asking for money to upgrade and upgrade. Well, not working with me. I got scammed once, fuck them. Not going to take something from them even if it's free, lol. And I mean it.
They told me they gave me some credit because I paid for 10 years hosting and not even half passed. However, I don't know where is that credit. Can't see it in my Cpanel (still have access to it for another 2 days) neither in my customer member area. They're bullshitting me again.
But, like I've said, even if they'll give me those credits I have nothing to do with them cause I'll not buy anything else from them.
Why would I upgrade to dedicated server? Who knows what they'll invoice then to delete my account again and do the same shit. Rent the server again and again then ban users for God knows what reasons. And on dedicated we're talking about big money, not only 200$. Is 70$/month the lowest server they say they'll rent to you.

iWEB is a scam for hosting and dedicated server

Beaware of for your hosting or server needs. One you submit for order hard or never get money back, even without signed contract. This is what happened to me.
1) I inadvertantly pushed submit after i filled out all the credit card and user information. I said “inadvertantly” because after 2-3 minutes i receive email wit some strange request: Send Photo-Copy with my credit card and my ID (with Fax)

so i send back message with canceled request. But without my Autorisation iweb get my money from card … very strange! So i spoke with sales manager and then told me that she will need me to fax them my credit card side-by-side with my ID in order for them to refund me. Now at this point, it all came clear to me that they (iWEB) are running a scam.
Found on: - scam company

Beaware of for your hosting needs. On the website it lures you in with 30 days free trial.. well don't even do it for one day. This is what happened to me.1) I inadvertantly pushed submit after I filled out all the credit card information. I said "inadvertantly" because on a separate screen I did a quick goole search and found negative reviews about this host. But I was stupid and push sent by accident. 2) I immediately contacted via phone, left them voice mail and email their and I got a hold of their live support and they promised me that they would get back to me within 24 hours like 7 days ago. Nothing happened.3) I tried again via phone just yesterday and I got someone from the billing department on the phone (with heavy French accent, b/c they are in Quebec Canada). I spoke to this lady and she said yes, I see that you paid us $1504, but I do not know why b/c you don't have an active account (and never had one). So I said, then it is obvious that you should not be keeping that money, please refund it. So she spoke to her manager and then told me that she will need me to fax them my credit card (back and front side) with my driver's license in order for them to refund me. Now at this point, it all came clear to me that they are running a scam. I have dealt with "" and "Big Daddy" and I also have asked for a refund before, but no one would need the later information that they requested, unless they want to steal my identity. So at this point, I asked her if I could speak to her manager. She told me to wait and came back to tell me that her manager has gone out to dinner (while I was holding, I heard them talking in the background). 4) I was so mad that they stone walled me multiple times after 4 email messages and with 2 voice mail and one phone conversations. I have to warn everyone and please tell everyone you know about this and all the webhosting community to stay away from their website looks authentic and it looks like they are running a great business. but in the end, it is just a scam and with the possibility of running an identity theft operation. i was so concerned about my credit card info that they have, I immediately reported it stolen to my credit card company. Don't waste your time and effort like I did and let everyone know about this. I am still disputing the charge that they charged. It is a sickening feeling when one has been cheated.
Found on:

Disappearing tickets

I placed a ticket request via the hub Received an autoresponse, ticket 1534393 Logging back into hub tells me there are NO tickets outstanding. Hmm! Where's that ticket gone because I haven't received a reply for it. I logged back in to actually cancel the ticket because I've resolved the problem however I'm concerned about this ticket which has vanished. iWeb wheres the ticket gone as it's not in my hub?

From Iweb forum:

lol qcgames who u blowing

service sucks, server goes down like 2 -4 times a week and they cant figure out why cause its not going down during "business" hours and the retards that work at night refuse to do their jobs. if thats how u define excellent service then your a complete f**ktard

Again, from their forum:

too funny

first off, yes we pay for support that we are not getting. second, we are still with these assholes cause i have a one year contract with them, and we dont have the time to move everything off the server and onto another one located elsewhere. whats so funny about u assholes, is that u can spend the time making remarks about my complaints, but u wont spend the time to fix my server. For the retards, one more time, my server becomes unreachable 2 -4 times each week with no record in the server logs. the only guess is that its getting blue screens and the assholes at iweb will not investigate the problem unless the server goes down during their normal business hours LOL OMG WTF. now, if u try to define that as good service, you're a complete f**ktard.

Found this on their forum:

iweb nightmare: iweb terrrible / sucks / bad

my experience is that is a bad hosting provider. their response times
are slow, their technitions run untested commands that cause permission
problems. they run updates on stuff that you don't want updated with confirming
that it will not mess anything up. i have gotten hardware upgrades and they put
hardware(disk drive in my case) that was bad from the beginning. i noticed it
was broken when i looked at it for the first time.its a never ending cycle of
fixing something and having them break it. they couldn't even recompile apache
without losing all of my extensions. i asked them to repair my mailbox problems:
they broke horde and chowned my entire public_html folder to the users so i had
a thousand sites down with 500 internal server errors.the list just goes on and
on. i have a complete list of tickets and am putting together the timeline of
communication so people can see it. they suck so bad its amazing. if it wasn't
me who was paying im not sure if i would ever be able to stop laughing. they
make mistakes that no normal novice admin would be stupid enough to do and they
don't even check their work. so they go in like a cowboy and either a) think
they fixed it and send you an email back after 8 hours and its still broken. b)
fixed it but broke something else in the mean time or c) completely ignore you.i
asked for a reinstallation of fedora core 6 and i get an email back saying that
they installed cent os because it was better for cpanel. im glad that they took
it upon themselves to make the executive decision on my hosting account and
livlyhood.and after about 1-2 weeks of going back and forth and back and forth
and back and forth some more you may actually get some where.i have decided to
open a complete website to show their incompetence level because i feel bad for
anyone who decides to use iweb in the future.i have even escalated to management
numerous times and gotten no response ever. i have emailed the billing
department a dozen times and not gotten a response ever.what it comes right down
to is you are making a bad choice if host with iweb.

Found this at:

By hostydotnet

Found another unsatisfied customers on the net...

no. sucks all together. i have been with them for a 8 months now. they are horrible. i have had so many tickets and so many terrible technitions work on my machine. do not get an server unless you want to have 1-3 problems per week. it has been a complete nightmare.its a never ending cycle of fixing stuff and then them re-breaking it. you can never tell what is broken and what is not broken. / sucks. is terrrible.
Found here:

Monday, September 22, 2008

How scammed me

I'll try to be explicit and to the point, so anyone will understand fast how is scamming the webmasters and, hopefully, not to make the same mistake I did and use their services.

So, I've saw their unbelievable offer for the shared hosting: for 10 years all you pay is 1,6$/month. 'What the hell!' ... I was thinking, 200$ is not that much, I pay once and all I do after is relax for 10 years, when I'll have to pay again :) ... it wasn't so.

A month passed with no problem, the month when I could cancel the account and get my money back, obviously. After that, they started to suspend my account. Teh reason was the same every time: you reached 2% of the server's resources and we suspended your account, according to the TOS:
  • Please notice that nobody knows the shared server's specifications
  • And please notice that the Cpanel doesn't show you how much your scripts are taking from CPU, RAM etc.
  • Also, please think a little and answer this: Wouldn't be more corect to just place a .htaccess to block the folder/site/file that's loading the server instead of blocking an entire account?!?

So, this happened 4 times, every month one time. I've deleted 2 scripts, made modifications to other 2 php files, got my account online again.

  • Please be aware that the support doesn't actually exist and many times I was talking like a stupid with the chat bot.
  • Also, many times nobody is supervising the servers, since the chat support dudes told me that the server administrator is not there to re-enable my account, even though I made the changes to the scripts in time (so they'll consume less).

A few days ago, I received an email from them telling me

"This email is to notify you that we are putting an end to the hostingagreement you have subscribed for at iWeb Technologies.The recurring problems caused by your account have been causing issueson the server you are hosted on - even after multiple notifications and suspensions."

And my account got blocked again, this time for good.

  • Please remember that I've paid for ten (10) years and only used half year... obviously, those money are lost for me.

So now I'm looking for a dedicated server to rent. Wtf, it will be mine to load with whatever I want. Of course, not from Iweb. I'm still undecided what company should I choose, maybe you can give any suggestins to me.

Conclusion: this type of web hosting is a very good business. Just find 2000-3000 stupids like me to pay in advance for 10 years, then you're rich. Wtf, you can even start a serious web hosting company, but .. hey... why do this? Probably there'll be another 2000-3000 somewhere else waiting to get scammed by iweb, so lets just continue with this type of scam.

Of course, now it seems suspicious that other companies are ofering the same services but with 5-8 times the price is asking... but the, when I paid fopr those 10 years, I was only thinking about the 'good deal' I made - isn't it ironic?

Anyway, what I'm hoping with this blog is to share my experience to as much as possible webmasters in search of a host. Hopefully, most of them will read what happen to me and will stay away from iweb.

Thank you for reading this!

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